Your Tampon String Is Showing Again, Drake

drake1 Your Tampon String Is Showing Again, DrakeAubrey Graham spits hot fire and ejaculates bacon ranch salad dressing. You don’t ever want to get on his bad side post break-up. Shit can get messy.

Instead of letting his tears dry on their own into his Aaliyah screen printed pillowcase, Drake blasted an ex-booty tag partner during a freestyle for UK DJ Tim Westwood that went a little something like this:

“This is also for the hood stars that I created whose booking rate went up after we dated / Girl, you made it for real / Hosting parties with athletes so another rapper will try to fuck you after / Remember when you was my bitch? / My special friend with benefits / You remember how you got here hope to God you didn’t forget / But the look you’re giving me is telling me you did / The empty stares across the club like you don’t recognize the kid”

yaaaas Your Tampon String Is Showing Again, Drake
Cannuck if you buck.

Droplets of sugar water via Necole Bitchie | Lafayette shade via Ronald Matters