Open For Discussion: Cousin Dionne

dionne11 Open For Discussion: Cousin Dionne

Cousin Dionne ranks second as the most-charted female vocalist in Billboard with 56 singles — right behind Hate-Retha. Regardless, Honey Badger’s accomplishments as both an entertainer and global ambassador deserve several nasty Leyomi drops and finger wags. Celebrating her 50th anniversary in music, she was recognize by the Grammy Museum this week with a special event held in her honor.

And boy, did she serve the kids fashion and mane.

Joanna: Rodman-esque. She was shooting in the gym.

Tiesha: Forget the hair, dive into those silky pajamas!

Malcolm: Girl, Miss Dionne is not featuring any of you. She is going to finish this and go back home to a pack of Mistys, a gin and tonic and nice game of spades.

Leslie: Cousin Dionne gracefully commands all your favs to come for her, while simultaneously paying homage to the now extinct dodo bird with her hairdo. Now gag!

Alexis: But can we talk about how Dionne looks just like Uncle Ben. Or is that just me?

Patricia: She pajama rich.

Meir: Old ladies love those trial-sized products, but she should’ve gotten 4 or 5 more tiny bottles of Nice N’ Easy to cover her whole head.

Crissle: She’s giving you a graduated Tyler Perry and the kids will deal.

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  • Traci_CT

    Lookin like an old Thundercat

  • Francis Jones

    Harriet Tubman looks simply wonderful in purple.

    • mook

      lmfao! Underground Railroad game proper

      this look is deja vu for Dionne (pun intended)

  • keed porter

    All right who did it? Who brought in the walking cigarette? *in my Hate-Retha voice* Silver and gold.  Silver and gold. I’d rather have Jesus than Silver and Gold (on my head).

  • Ann

    LaBelleofTheBall2 has forever skewed the way I see and hear her.

    “Girl you can get down to a size 0, but you still gone have the spirit of a Big Bitch.”

    Why does the hair on the back of her head look like it got scared and rolled up like a possum?

    • drmsd

      Am I the only one who “read” Hate-retha in her voice???

      • Ann

        Nope. Me too.

  • Yogi G