The Stunts And Shows Continue For Kim Kardashian

kim flour The Stunts And Shows Continue For Kim KardashianMiss Jia: Timbaland tells an interesting story on how Drake’s favorite Aaliyah song to perform choreography to in the garage almost didn’t happen. Dance like no one is watching, girl.

Baller Alert: Bron Bron and his boys pull out their black hoodies for Trayvon.

Necole Bitchie:
President Obama puts a stunt queen in their place.

Concrete Loop:
Diggy’s beak is so precious.

Rhymes With Snitch: Behind the scenes of a glowstick carrier’s dream photoshoot.

Ronald Matters: Alert the wig crypt — pronto!

Dlisted: Kim Kardashian is accustomed to being splattered with white matter. Why the big deal now?

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  • Pingback: The Stunts And Shows Continue For Kim Kardashian

  • Marissa

    I heard Kim Kardashian was furious about the flour bombing. Then again, check her dating history. She doesn’t like anything white on her.” – Joan Rivers on Facebook

    • Micron

      I want that gif in seven colors and fonts.

  • Ant

    Well, at least she didn’t shoot it in her face like countless men before her.

    • Marissa

      Had she, Kim would be trying to date her rather than sue her.

  • Francis Jones

    *thumbs up* Miami Heat players.

  • mook

    notice how Pimp Momma Kris did nothing when her mealticket was getting flour (?) thrown in her face. Yep, I’m calling a setup.

    • Ann

      Me too. She just stood there smiling and cheesing while her moneymaker got the fried chicken batter bag treatment?
      No Dice

    • Micron

      Maybe she was thinking “that’s what you get bitch for fucking up that relationship with Kris Humphries. My Tuscany Dreamhouse was almost done.”