Deion Sanders’ Not-So-Nice Response to Pilar’s Defamation Lawsuit

deion pilar Deion Sanders’ Not So Nice Response to Pilar’s Defamation Lawsuit

Who needs the book of Revelation when you have access to court documents?

Remember when Deiondra Sanders blasted her step mom Pilar Sanders on Twitter last month for being a ‘gold digging hoe’ and everything except a child of God? Well, since then Pilar has filed a $200 million lawsuit against estranged husband Deion and his daughter for defamation claiming the shots fired during the public lashing were false, tarnished her image, and just another example of the emotional abuse she suffered during their marriage.

Stop that laughing. Pilar is in pain.

Deion responded with papers of his own this week: “Any statements made by any defendants were true, did not create a false impression … and were not malicious.”

If you could understand all those big words, that means Pilar you can’t sue me for calling a spade a spade or calling you a gold digger if it’s true, boo boo.

Deion wants to skip the stunts and shows and has requested the case be thrown out.

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