Stacey Dash Dropped From Movie, Is Her Attitude To Blame?

stacey dash Stacey Dash Dropped From Movie, Is Her Attitude To Blame?Like other countless actresses in Hollywood (all of whom you can shade in the comments section below) Stacey Dash has compensated for what she lacks in the talent department by getting by on her gorgeous looks.  As long as she doesn’t call herself trying to come for my king of shitty Black cinema, Bokeem Woodbine, she has my blessing.

But Mama Fresh told me many moons ago that a reputation is easy to get but hard to get rid of, which may become the issue for Dash around town is she doesn’t learn how to check her attitude at the door.

Rumors are flying that her nasty ‘tude recently got her booted from yet another project, this time a movie set to star Danny Glover and Evan Ross called ‘Supremacy.’ The actress, who has since been replaced by Lela Rochon, was reportedly disrespectful to  fellow cast members and film crew alike.

Previously, Dash was fired from popular VH1 scripted show ‘Single Ladies’ after tensions between her and LisaRaye carried on like a ‘Basketball Wives’ marathon.

“I am too grown to put myself in that situation. No physical anything. We are filming 13 to 15 hours a day. When you are seeing each other every day there will be some creative differences, there’s going to be some words exchanged. It’s going to be whatever,” LisaRaye told Wendy Williams about her on-set catfight with Stacey last year.

Is Stacey Dash feeling her beat a little too much?