Spotted: Sherri Shepherd Leaving Dancing With The Stars Rehearsals

sherri 1 Spotted: Sherri Shepherd Leaving Dancing With The Stars Rehearsals

Watch out now, Sherri Shepherd is well on her way to losing her pitbull stance. The View co-host couldn’t contain her excitement following the reveal that she will twerk her pork chops on season 14 of Dancing With The Stars.

The 44-year-old, who’s partner is Val Chmerkovskiy, had a message for the haters who says she is too cold to pop that pussy.

“It is fighting talk. When somebody throws down the gauntlet and says, ‘You too old,’ I was like, ‘I got your crayons in my purse and a coloring book on my way out, I’ll leave them in my dressing room.’”

Jack Wagner, actress Melissa Gilbert, telenovela star William Levy (”the Brad Pitt of Mexico”), opera star Katherine Jenkins, pop singer Gavin DeGraw, music producer Roshon Fegan, “Extra” co-host and New England Patriots fan Maria Menounos, actor Jaleel White, and singer Gladys Knight round out the rest of the cast.

  • Lori Payne

    I really canNOT stand to look at her.  CANnot!!

  • Marissa

    I’ve never watched this show and I don’t see a reason to start.

  • D Livingston

    But what is the purpose of wearing flesh-toned fishnets?  Silky stockings, yes.

  • Cwalkin

    Sherri “Built Like the Lunch Lady” Shepperd

  • Micron

    Since Ant stole my joke, that dress on her looks like those muppets that go, YUPYUPYUP YUPYUP

    • TheHostileNegress

      I LOOOOOOVED those guys!

  • Reyes

    she looks like the tazmanian devil in a shiny dress…

  • Fresh

    Look at her toes!

    • TheHostileNegress

      I thought I was the only one gettin’ into those nubs stacked like a 10-layer cake…

    • D Livingston

      Po’ little bronze shoes, didn’t hurt nobody.

  • sunshyne_84

    How unfortunate!

  • Star198109

    So I’m just gonna go ahead and state the obvious…what is the point of flesh-toned fishnets? 

    • Rasha M

      She probably has those bullet wound legs.

  • Janeen B.

    Girl, I GUESS……….

  • mook

    I’m not gonna watch unless this happens

  • Ant

    “Sherri’s gonna do some damage on the dancefloor.”
    She should. She’s shaped like a tornado.

    • mook

      She should. She’s shaped like a tornado.”

      It’s a twister it’s a twister! game proper

      I dunno why Gladys Knight is doing DWTS this season, unless she needs the $$$ (well, I just answered my own question…)

      • Ant

        Mook, you know why. Lotto tickets and Newports don’t buy themselves.

    • Ell Enn Gee

      best observation period!

    • Player Hater

      This right here is crazy funny!!!!

    • Micron


    • Tee-Tee

      Ant ur going straight to hell u no that right?

      • Ant

        Yep. I booked a ride on Gabby Sidibe’s back.

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