Video: Waka Flocka Flame Feat. Drake – “Round of Applause”

Hearing Waka Flocka Kel recite “she became a fixture of the underworld” in the opening voiceover made me fall the fuck out. That is all.

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  • Cwalkin

    Droopy Drake

  • Marissa

    It’s been pulled. I wish that made me a little sad or even moved me to go to YouTube to find another version but I’m just going to type this comment, sip my tea and just imagine that the song (which I’ve never heard) goes along with this .gif.

  • Micron

    I will like to address I never heard a Waka Flocka song in my life. And I will continue to do so.

    And I would like to applaud Drake for being consistent with being wack. I didn’t even hear his verse and 

  • Traci_CT

    To quote Earl “DMX” Simmons regarding Drake, “I don’t like his face!”

    • Yogi G

      “X gone give it to ya” game proper

  • A Land

    I was going to push play but something told me to read the comments first.  So glad I did… ya’ll saved me from breaking my laptop.

    • selena velazquez

      I lasted  :57 and can’t believe the person who signed off on the budget for this wasn’t fired. 35mm and a plot for a song about ass clapping ? Niggreth please…

  • Andrea Jones

    This here:

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  • Simone

    Of all the big foreheads in the world, why did he have to choose Draya’s for this video?

    In all seriousness, was this video/track sponsored by the Special Olympics? Shame on all of you for mocking these two special needs rappers! That is the ONLY plausible explanation for this mess. Big ups to Fresh for showing love to the mentally challenged trying to make it in the rap game!

    Don’t anybody dare try and tell me these two aren’t special needs.

    • SpecialK

      Remember that movie Radio with Cuba Gooding Jr.? Wacka is Radio with a rap career. IEP game proper.

      • Marissa

        I just howled! LMAO!!!!!

  • Tee-Tee

    hw he gonna hv twerk team n da vid n aint nan one of them puzzy pop? im surely disappointed smmfh

  • deezy

    So he put the Twerk Team, A not really Basketball Wife, and Wheelchair Jimmy in this video? And his ratchet ass mama throwing gang signs in the background? What the fuck we got to be continued for? *sigh* This is some bullshit. I dont even get the storyline. *in Bernie Mac voice* Whats the fuck is really going on?!?

    • Rasha M

      Chile, we all confused. Even the dancers in the video aint even trying.

    • peppermint

      this made me laugh so hard i spit a reeses piece at my screen. Thanks!!

    • peppermint

      And why is Drake looking confused in the background behind wacka? at 50-51 seconds wheelchair jimmy is in the background looking like he’s pacing tryna figure out a dance move.

      i can’t.

  • mook

    someone please explain this

    Willona has sang the National Anthem 10x better than this. NBA Allstar Game’s performances were terrible, with Onika’s glowsticks fest and the Pitbull-Rabid Beaver-Go-Go mashup

    • A Land

      “the rockets red glare” part made my ears bleed.  I’m not kidding.

    • Cheeks

      Yeah, it was a sad story…

  • BoSoxQT- Kat Stacks’ English teacher

    Wacka is so down-sy to me. Has he ever been tested? And this song is good and terrible. Hip hop is dead on the couch with James Brown. 

    • peppermint

      his name alone makes me want to slap him so hard. augh.

    • keed porter

      Yeah he suffers from MR (mild retardation) while Drake suffers from MR of the face.  Lil wayne suffers with some form of dwarfism.  Nicki has tourettes…see a pattern?  I blame it on 80′s crack.

      • Andrea Jones

        Ya’ll are killing me!!

  • Rasha M

    What is with some of these rappers sounding like they’ve been lobotomized? No flow or nothin..i. don’t. get. it.

    • peppermint

      It’s called lack of talent. Anyone can make words rhyme, but from my old school ways it takes talent to be a rapper. Nowadays that dont seem to be the case.

      I’ma just go back and keep on listening to a tribe called quest, brand nubian, leaders of the new school lords of the underground.

      • Nyota

        will continue to listen to KRS-One on my mp3 player and ignore these fools on the radio

    • Andrea Jones

      Just to continue the old school theme: How I miss Public Enemy, X-Clan “Grand Verbalizer What Time Is It?”, Pharcyde, Black Sheep, Eric B. & Rakim. DAMN!! Hip-Hop has died! 

      • Francis Jones

        *heavy sigh*

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