Save Your (Fore)Head of the Class Jokes

tyra dip Save Your (Fore)Head of the Class JokesCondragulations are in order. Posing with her certificate, Tyra Banks re-wrote the ending for her Higher Learning character Deja. Picture her rollin’, Fudge.

The America’s Next Top Model creator and founder of Bankable Enterprises graduated with a certificate from the Owner/President Management Program offered through the Executive Education branch of Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts,

There are “no formal educational requirements,” but the program is geared toward successful entrepreneurs. According to the program description, “candidates must be actively involved in running the business and hold a significant equity stake in their firms.”

Program participants are required to sleep in dorm rooms when they’re in town during their three year experience.

“After my first term, I came back and killed a whole bunch of businesses we were going into. We have to say no more often than we say yes, no matter how much money people put on that goddamned table,” Banks said on how the program enhanced her business savvy. “Harvard is all about innovation and being first to market. It’s something I’m constantly bringing back to my team.”

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  • Str8 Thruu

    Shouldn’t this be filed under “Gold star for you”? lol

  • mook

    here’s a pic of Ty Ty with her Redbox envelope

    • Wiz Koylifa

      That was the graduation?! Shit looks like the ceremony for finishing Pre-School.

  • Andrea Jones

    Three years and only a certificate? She could’ve gotten a law degree in the same time. I’m proud of you Tyra, but you didn’t think this through!

  • mook

    1) What diva went up to a homeless man and yelled at him “If you ain’t the crack man, get the hell away!” Then why was he following her, then?  
    2) This happened a while back. This A+++ list leading man and this kooky actress famous for dating a talk show host co-starred in a movie. She wouldn’t come out of her dressing room on the first day of filming, and the actor barged in and said “The last time I checked, this movie was named after my character, not yours. So, unless it’s called ‘Homely White Bitch Who Won’t Come Out Of Her Trailer,’ you had better get to work or you’re fired.” She ran out and didn’t say a word.  
    3) When the Yankees won the World Series a few years ago, this music mogul’s limo pulled up to a a club and sent his driver inside to get him a table. He wanted the table that all these celebs were already occupying. When the maitre d’ explained that it obviously wasn’t available, the driver said, “That’s the table my boss wants.” The maitre d’ refused him, so the driver walked out to the car to tell the star. Everyone could hear tons of yelling and screaming from the limo before they drove off to another club,.  
    4) What openly gay singer has a habit of lighting incense candles in every hotel room he stays at? One time, the smoke from the candles set off all the fire alarms in an NYC hotel.

    5) Which R&B singer demanded that the waiters at an LA restaurant he was at a few days ago not look at him directly in the face or ask any questions?
    6) What iconic singer who’s the daughter of a legendary singer tried to purchase a piece of artwork in a Beverly Hills gallery but her credit card was declined? It’s not Liza
    7) What model who says she’s sober went to a party where the only things available were booze and coke? She got so high that she was screwing around with both male and female partygoers
    8) Who was furious when a tabloid published pics of her buttpads showing?
    9) What songstress was so drunk at a New Year’s Eve party a few years ago that her bodyguard had to carry her out of the club?
    10) What comedian/actor is steaming mad at one of his colleagues for not recommending him as a replacement host for that awards show?

    • peppermint

      Iownt know, but #2 has my heart all the way.

    • Wiz Koylifa

      2. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore
      4. George Michael
      7. Kate Moss
      8. Kim K.
      9. Mariah
      10. Chris Rock

    • Andrea Jones

      3. Mouf Breevah?
      4. Ricky Martin?
      5. Usher 
      8. Kim K.?

    • OB

      #2 is Denzel and the actress was Anne Heche.
      #3 P. Diddy
      #5 The Phone Stealer
      #7 Jessica White
      #8 Kimmy Kartrashian
      #9 X-tina
      10. Jimmy Fallon or Colin Ferguson

    • One Twenty

      #5. The one who got spit and boogers put into his food?

      • mook

        1) Diana Ross
        2) Denzel Washington and Anne Heche, ‘John Q’
        3) Diddy
        4) Ricky Martin
        5) Usher
        6) Natalie Cole
        7) Naomi Campbell
        8) Jennifer Lopez
        9) Mariah Carey
        10) Chris Rock

        • Francis Jones

          #2- LMBAO Good for her crazy ass.
          #4- Between him flaming and the candles flaming it’s a wonder he didnt’ burn down the hotel.
          #10- If Chris was on, I’d watch.

  • Player Hater

    Go head girl.  Do you thing.  ( And no I was not making a head joke).

    • One Twenty

      Yes you were. lol

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  • Micron

    While I applaud education, I wished she got a Bachelor’s instead of a Certificate. Just saying.

  • karla smith

    Go Tyra.  Smart girl.  Don’t know if I could’ve made it through.  Sounds really interesting though…she was in the program for 3 years?  Seems like I just heard about her going back to school about a year or so ago.

  • One Twenty

    She has a good head on her shoulders (no pun intended). Definitely back-archer material.

  • Wiz Koylifa

    ConDRAGulations. *logs off forever*

    • RMill

      And your .gif is soooo fitting.  I’m mad my thoughts are that this certificate is like a hyped up Everest degree.

    • mook

      LMFAO! Ty Ty looks happy with her Everest College diploma

    • Cheeks

      It’s the Louis Vuitton of “bidness” certificates. It just have a fancy Harvard name and logo, but what do I know.

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