Gallery: Muhammad Ali’s 70th Birthday Celebration

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  • roy

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    I want to share my happiness with everyone. I’ll get married in the next month. I have been single until met spike. I’m very thankful for wealthyloving….where I find a black man to love …he is my true love….. he is the man of my dreams ……I hope everyone find your true love.

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  • Akira C.

    I keep forgetting that’s her son…

    I swear that’s Beyaki’s child and she just made her basement child sister raise it as her own.

    That’s just my take on things…

  • DogNamedMeow

    Ok shade aside, the kid is cute.


    Solange’s child looks like a ventroliquist dummy

  • Mz. .

    and for a minute there, I thought Gaymon was back in the building. I miss my sissyfriend.

  • Mz. .

    Yall sho Lloyd aint this chile’s real pappy? ijs. He got that “funnylooking” gene.

  • karla smith

    I don’t need to be a fashion anything to know what the fukk don’t match and guess what?  NOTHING SHE HAS ON MATCHES!  She don’t get a pass cuz she’s Beyonce’s sister.  Hell, Beyonce can’t dress either!  I mean common sense is common sense.  Quit being brainwashed by what some white ass “fashion guru” says is the new thing.  Fukkin retards.  This girl looks all kinds of thrown together.  Get real.

    • Rasha M

      let it go baby, this is crunktastical. it’s all in fun..we don’t have to get personal over some damn solange. lol

  • Janeen B.

    When I grow up and have kids, I want to have matching haircuts like Solange and Daniel.

  • Sue Sylvester

    Solange is gorgeous.

  • Moosefan

    Is it me, or is his eye to head proportion way the hell out there? 

    • Andrea Jones

      Not the kids, Moose!

      • Moosefan

        Hey, it may take him a year or two to grow into them!  My son was the same way! : )

        • Andrea Jones

          OK, I forgive you! :)

  • Francis Jones

    I think Solange looks decent today. Absent the shoes, this ensemble looks like something my mother would have worn in the sixties.  Daniel still looks like he should be gracing the cover of Mad magazine. Perhaps he’ll grow out of it. *crosses fingers*

  • Cwalkin

    Poor kid, destined to be a weirdo

    • mook

      he already is a weirdo! w/ Beyaki carryin’ him from award show to award show like MJ did Webster, he’s already earned his “I’m So Different” badge

  • karla smith

    Ok…first of all, Solonge’s little boy is not cute, and those eyebrows make him look like a devil.  I also hate his shoes.  I know he’s a kid, but let’s tell the truth and shame the devil!  Also, Solonge looks a hot mess.  She got on leopard print shoes, gold pants, a PURPLE purse and a multi-colored shirt.  She got on 6 different things at one time!  Who the hell told her that was fashion.  That looks HORRIBLE.  And are we sure she and Beyonce are sisters with the same parents, cuz Solo is awfully tall, lanky and skinny, while Beyonce is more normal height and curvier.  They are like hot and cold.  Total opposites.  Most sisters with the same parents have SOME similarities…oh well.  Solonge looks like a high priced rainbow troll.

    • peppermint

      “those eyebrows make him look like a devil”


    • Lauren Carli

      What she has on is actually a major fashion trend. It is called color-blocking. The colors she has on complement each other. This is a great look and her son looks just as good. Who do you style again? Or did you say you work for a mag? Where is your place in the fashion industry? Stick to your regular Old Navy cargoes and tees. The fashion camp just don’t see it for you sweetheart. 

    • Rasha M

      Giiirrrl who poured hot coffee on yo pussy? Geez somebody all went in! lol

    • Michael Ramsey

      Those eyebrows DO make him look like the devil. “The Omen 5:The Devil Wears Dereon”


        “the devil weard Deareon” I’m dead

  • OB

    that’s the first time in a while i’ve seen her photographed with her son.

  • peppermint

    I think its fked up that she making her child wear bowling shoes.

    • Yogi G

      but in her defense, my 5yo son has some old beat-up (and I do mean beat-up) brown shoes that he insists on wearing everywhere and i’m pretty sure he would sleep in them if we let him

  • D Livingston

    Why are his shoes so big?

    • Rasha M

      Chile, i believe thats all his feet. hope he grows into himself..he looks like an odd kid