Loves Jones: Dirt Angel Talks Breaking Bread After A Break Up

1047079741 Loves Jones: Dirt Angel Talks Breaking Bread After A Break Up

In the event of a relationship’s demise should a female automatically walk away with a financial parting gift from her successful ex-partner? Dirt Angel doesn’t think so.

Like she wrote half these raps, right? Why would she be entitled to something for holding a person down, whether I became famous, or not? What would happen if I didn’t become famous and I broke up with her? What would she be entitled to? Would she even be worried about about entitled to something, or is it because the fame comes into play?

If I was broke and I was like, “Bitch, fuck you, I’m out and I don’t want to be with you no more,” she ain’t gonna call like, “Yo, I’m entitled to whatever you get.” She ain’t entitled to nothing’. I could see if we break up and I get a call and she’s like, “Yo, let me hold some,” or I need this,” or whatever. Yeah, shit like that is cool. But she’s not entitled to some percentile of my fiscal. She’s entitled to me being courteous and showing her the same respect she showed me, and if I could do something for her, then yeah. I would do that with a smile on my face. It’s obvious she went out of her way to hold me down in the midst of my struggles so I could get in the game. I think that’s about as fair as I would keep it.

And if she pursues it, then she’s a pain in the ass — and I’m [calling] her a pain the ass opposed to a gold digger.

– As told to Janelle Harris