Rush Hour Rumor: Does Chad Ochocinco Have A New Baby On The Way?

chad ochocinco evelyn Rush Hour Rumor: Does Chad Ochocinco Have A New Baby On The Way?

Never mind that the whites of Chad Ochocinco’s eyes look like two puddles of murky swamp water in comparison to his teeth.

If the chatter is true about him fathering a new baby that doesn’t belong to fiancée ‘Basketball Wives’ personality Evelyn Lozada (pictured above) brother has bigger fish to fry and plenty pie to divide. Kiss the baby!

Apparently Chad Ochocino has a “real” girlfriend in Philly and guess what she’s allegedly 3 MONTHS PREGNANT! According to his girlfriend Page, his relationship with Evelyn is FAKE and he’s just dealing with her for money and fame.

According to Jonesy at Power 99 in Philly, Ochocinco has a girlfriend named Page that lives in Philadelphia who says she’s been dating Ochocinco for awhile now. He comes into Philadelphia all the time to meet her and takes her and her mother shopping. Page called into Jonesy’s show to discuss her relationship with Ochocinoco and after the interview aired some of Jonesy’s listeners called in to confirm they had seen Ochocinco shopping with his boo and her mother.

Page called Ochocinco on 3-way on air and asked him about Evelyn and he said “I told you, I’m doing that for money.” He didn’t know he was on the air. (Audio of that coming soon)