Sexial Napalm: Jazz Ison Sinkfield

you mad1 Sexial Napalm: Jazz Ison Sinkfield

Jazz Ison Sinkfield is on a quest for the opportunity to be introduced to Tyler Perry’s fairy godmother Oprah as well as garner the attention of other celebrities with her 24-inch fingernails. The Atlanta grandmother has gone without bowling, typing on a computer, or lacing up her Cool Greys for going on two — count em’ two — decades. And let’s not get on the topic of doodie hole maintenance.

Her “divine gift” as she refers to it comes with a hefty price tag — $250 per month on her 5-hour long manicure sessions and mean mugs and shoulder shrugs from stranger ass hoes. To the latter Lady Jazz says, “I feel as if you can be entitled to your opinions but don’t be mean about it.”

Damn right! Watch: