News Break: T.I. To Return To Prison For 11 More Months

ti smile1 News Break: T.I. To Return To Prison For 11 More Months

Shouts out to the homie Miss Info for summing it all up without putting everybody to sleep:

Sources at the Atlanta Federal Courthouse and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution report that a judge has revoked T.I.’s probation, and ordered him to serve 11 months in following his arrest for drug possession in Los Angeles on Sept 1, 2010.

In that incident: T.I. and his wife, Tiny, were pulled over in their Rolls Royce after an illegal u-turn on Sunset Blvd. And as a result: “…a U.S. probation officer alleged that T.I. committed three violations of his supervised release from prison: possessing ecstasy, testing positive for opiates and associating with a convicted felon.” (source: AJC)

T.I. just finished a yearlong bid and 1000 hour community service obligation after his 2007 high-profile gun charge, but he was still on parole, which forbids arrests, drug use, and being in the company of known felons. And one of T.I.’s longtime friends, C-Rod, was in the car with him in L.A. and has a prior conviction. Bloggers Sandra Rose and Freddyo tweeted from the courtroom today that the judge admonished T.I. for his drug use, and brought up his entire arrest history. Meanwhile, Tip’s 6-man legal team said that T.I.’s drugs were prescribed after he had a dental procedure.

T.I. left the court with his family and will immediately launch an appeal. The U.S. Attorneys office says that T.I. will voluntarily surrender.

UPDATE: MSNBC adds that in course . . . “T.I. begged the judge not to send him back to prison, saying he needed to get help for drug addiction. He told the judge he “screwed up” and pleaded for mercy.”