Buzz Notes: Halle Berry Joins ‘Skank Robbers’ Cast?

Image3555 Buzz Notes: Halle Berry Joins ‘Skank Robbers’ Cast?

My sentiments exactly.

What started out as a joke for Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence is now an actual movie, and they managed to snag Halle Berry.

You could say that Skank Robbers pulled a move like Machete, going from one-time skit to major-film project. When audiences saw a fake teaser for Skank Robbers at the 2009 BET Awards, it was so popular that Screen Gems picked it up for development.

Up until now, there hasn’t been too much more talk about Skank Robbers, but when “Extra” recently caught up with Jamie, he revealed some exciting tidbits about the project and its plot.

“We rob banks from northern California to southern California. Halle’s in it, so it’s going to be hot,” Jamie confirmed to “Extra” without giving any specifics on what role Halle may play in the film.

This announcement makes Halle the first cast member, outside of Jamie and Martin, to be confirmed for the film, due out some time next year. (source)

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