Back & Fourth: Mama Tina Visits The Today Show

Fresh: “Beyonce’s mom.” Damn.

Youngsinick: I actually find that title honorable. I mean, you can introduce me as “Man who brought Beyonce a biscuit” and I might do an ‘uh oh’ on the spot in gratitude.

Fresh: True. Now if you ask me, Miss Tina is a glorified clothing line for church ushers.

Youngsinick: Well, the less you spend on Miss Tina’s clothes the more you can contribute to the Bishop Long Defense Fund.

Fresh: And the more time you can spend on getting your creole application processed.

Youngsinick:Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir). Practicing already.

Fresh: And in walks Beyonce.

Youngsinick: Followed by a brief but memorable appearance by Hoda’s inner stan. I think we know what news anchor ain’t ever scared to throw on a freakum dress after she clocks out.

Fresh: Wayment.  Did this bitch really just make it rain with her cue cards when St. Lobster Bisque came out. The most has been done today.

Michael: But, Fresh, it was BEYONCE. That makes it okay. Now had she did that shit if Ciara showed up, then she would need to be Rick Sanchezed.

Fresh: Isn’t this interview supposed to be about garments  made in His image and covered in the Blood of the Lamb? The hell they talking about St. Tropez for?

Youngsinick: Everything changes when Queen Creole arrives.

Fresh: God bless the woman on the end.

Youngsinick: She should’ve gone the day Katy Perry was booked. No one would’ve cared then.

Fresh: “Thank you Beyonce, thank you Tina! . . . Bye Leslie.”

Youngsinick: She had a name? Good for her. I didn’t catch it. I was paying homage to Mother Goose.

Fresh: I am going to need for the children to conduct a better interview next time. You are not covering the opening of Teeny’s Butt Naked Car Wash.

Youngsinick: Oh God. The image of Kathie Lee Gifford in a thong washing a Geo Metro just entered my brain.

Fresh: It could happen.

fever1 Back & Fourth: Mama Tina Visits The Today Show

Youngsinick:I kind of like the mug. It’s like Upgraded Ursula. Watch out Rihanna’s hair color. That side eye looks more abusive than a switch, though.

That’s how she wants to look at Baby Nixon. She just hasn’t had the opportunity to yet.

Youngsinick: I forgot all about little JohVonnie Jackson.

All praises due to the most high Youngsinick and Necole Bitchie!