News Break: Facebook Beef Leads To Murder

Image72 News Break: Facebook Beef Leads To Murder

The succulent piece of chocolate goodness staring back at you will be receiving a different type of poke for a while. Torrie Lynn Emery, 23, from Pontiac, Michigan has been charged with second-degree murder after police alleged that a Facebook fight led to a fatal road accident. Officers investigating the incident said that Emery had been involved in a bitter argument with Danielle Booth, 20, on Facebook.

The two women clashed over a jailed man, with the dispute getting so heated that Booth made a formal complaint to police that she had been threatened. Two days later when Emery spotted Booth in the passenger seat of a car being driven by an acquittance things  took a tragic turn.

According to reports, Emery reportedly had beef with Danielle Booth, 20, that began with Facebook postings about a jailed man they both know.

Last Thursday, Booth went to Pontiac police to report that Emery had threatened her at her home after they exchanged words on the Facebook social network.

A few hours after Booth filed her report, Emery spotted her at a local McDonald’s restaurant where she was eating with a friend, Ayesha Abernathy, 21.

As they left the restaurant, Emery chased the car carrying Booth, which was driven by Ayesha and rammed them several times with her vehicle.

Abernathy, in an attempt to evade Emery, traveled at a high rate of speed and ran a red light, hitting a small dump truck broadside. Abernathy was killed in the crash, and Booth was listed in critical condition at a local hospital.

Emery is being charged with child abuse because her 3-year-old daughter was in the vehicle with her during the incident. There was also a male and a female passenger in her car but those two people have not been arrested, and police said they will not face charges.

Emery was arraigned on Friday and immediately following the court appearance, Emery’s friends and family gathered outside and attempted to console her mother, Tracy Emery. (continue reading at Straight From The A)