Quick Quotes: ‘Basketball Wives’ Plastic Surgery Goes On The Defense

Image1 Quick Quotes: Basketball Wives Plastic Surgery Goes On The Defense

I am not a groupie. Never have been, never will be!! That’s such an easy stigma to throw at anybody that works in the industry. Just because I’m a beautiful woman that works in the industry, gets a check for every appearance, event, photo shoot, etc. that works on a regular basis with “celebrities” (who are just regular people to me) and have friendships and work relationships based on mutual respect with them. Its a shame anybody would even fall for that.

Let me ask you, based off actions, who’s the groupie: The one that works with “celebrities” or the ones that go to my events looking for “celebrities,” have kids for paychecks with “celebrities”, stay in a disrespectful fake marriages with “celebrities” and only leave a “celebrity” when he declares bankruptcy?