YouTube Clip of the Day

Big Boi’s Uncle Darnell is a coooooold piece of work.

Both his height and disposition were a little intimidating when I was first introduced to him a couple weeks back, but after he along with other family members shared the rare type of warm southern hospitality that can only be traced back to our part of the map I felt as if I had been apart of the family for years. Shout out to Uncle Trick!

Remember going to cookouts when you were younger and having that one uncle who would always have a drink in his hand and a cigarette somehow barely hanging on the tip of his lip? Yep, that Uncle D. Minus the cig. A charming, intriguing fellow, indeed. He’s got stories for days and hell of a way to offer a play-by-play. He lives in the community, so he understands its pulse and can relate to damn near everyone who calls the place home — young and old. Pretty much, Darnell is Savannah, Georgia.

J. Tinsely from The Smoking Section