Quick Quotes: Khia’s Candy Head

khia spread Quick Quotes: Khias Candy Head

Looking for ways to spice up your bedroom without  taking a trip to the Adam & Eve store? Look no further than the candy aisle at Kroger’s! Although I would hate to be the ER doctor who has to remove  a  piece of peppermint from deep inside of your cousin’s vagina after they read this shit but I got to give Thug Misses a Scoopy Snack for sharing her wisdom with the world.

Don’t be scared to bring candies and toys into the bedroom. Some guys are jealous of dildos because of the size, so what I did to kind of ease [my ex-husband] is introduce him to jumbo candy canes that they give at Christmas time. I like that better because number one, it doesn’t look like a penis that’s bigger than him, so he won’t be jealous. Plus, it makes the vagina taste wonderful and the peppermint makes it tingle a little bit when he blows. It’s good when he’s giving you head; it looks fun and kiddie-like going in, so he’s not intimidated. (VIBE)

Bonus: For old time’s sake.