Back & Fourth: Aunt Viv’s New Wig Line

Fresh: All of her Facebook fans look like Pointer Sisters.

Youngsinick: Before or after they started writing bad checks at the grocery store?

Fresh: Never trust a big butt and a smile. Never trust a skinny cook. Never trust someone with a chewed up hairline around yours.

Youngsinick: Never trust anyone who would pay somebody to turn them into Mrs. Potato Head either.

Fresh: ROFL

Youngsinick:So wait, I’m not up on my wig game. People actually like fake hair modeled after the Cowardly Lion? And my crazy Aunt Cookie?

Fresh: Apparently so. I don’t understand it either. Why would you purposely look like you have been digging deep inside RuPaul’s wig crypt of rejected yaki.?

Youngsinick: I think you meant Kat Stacks. RuPaul has much better taste.

Fresh: Kim Zoliack giving all these hoes false hope.

Youngsinick: Right, I was wondering why the women with the worst hair game are setting up hairlines. What’s next? A Tyler Perry sex tip book? “Madea’s Bedroom Moves?”