Tweets Is Watching: Rihanna Hooks Up With Travis Barker After Being Turned Down By Nikki Sixx

rihanna travis Tweets Is Watching: Rihanna Hooks Up With Travis Barker After Being Turned Down By Nikki Sixx

Rihanna has recruited hip-hop’s favorite alternative drummer Travis Barker to appear in the new video for her next single “Rockstar 101” after being respectfully declined by Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. That would never happen to Queen Creole. Never.

After turning down the School of Forehead magna cum laude graduate Sixx took to his Twitter saying:

“Rihanna just asked me to be in her video for “Rockstar. I respectfully said no. What do you guys think?”

Rockstar lifestyle, let’s not fake it . . . Gucci! Pop the lid for video of Rihanna receiving drum lessons from Travie.

Props to Rap Radar!

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  • Marissa

    I cannot tell a lie: I love this song (Even if that island creeps in on “rockin’ dis diamonds”).
    I laughed my wide ass off though when he said “You’re talented” and couldn’t look her in the face though!

  • Lorena

    I love Travis Barker..I don’t know why (Lord tell me why!!)..But I think he fine as hell…. 

    Don’t judge me..

    (slinks back out)

  • Wikus’s Groupie

    Nikki Sixx is keeping it real, respect. *throws the horns in the air*
    Travis Barker almost died in a plane crash so he get a pass from me because dude shouldn’t be breathing air right now.

  • deezy:peachmuthafuckingsofa

    now if she can get Paula Abdul to teach her a lil two step, she be alright. because the shit she call dancing, it aint it buddy. no ma’am im not buying it.

    • ThaBlackYouTube Official

      I agree.

  • Fresh
  • deezy:peachmuthafuckingsofa

    who wanna see Shanna Mokler [his ex] throw a drink in the billygoat face, Paris Hilton style?

    *raises both hands*

  • peppermint

    when a reformed psychotic druggie has standards, something has got to be wrong with her.

    • D Livingston

      Don’t forget he did “die” from a heroin OD but was resuscitated.

  • OB

    i would have suggested lisaraye. but ms. mcoy is busy right now yelling at the chinese lady @ the dry cleaners because she claims that skeet stains do show clearly on white.


  • VF ‘Clef rhymes with thef’

    Messy moment:  Nikki Sixx used to date Vanity back in the day.  Kat Von D isn’t going to let Nikki get close to that.  Even though he was my fave out of MC, Barker is way finer than he is.

  • deezy:peachmuthafuckingsofa

    she coulda ask Tommy Lee. he is a Rude Boy. figuratively and literally.

    • Fresh

      She should’ve asked one of Tito’s kids. Not like they are doing shit else.

      • deezy:peachmuthafuckingsofa

        she coulda ask Rockwell

        • Fresh

          She should have asked Samwell

        • OB

          i heard petey pablo’s looking for a gig right now too.

          • deezy:peachmuthafuckingsofa

            you know Mystical just got out of jail and….

      • mook

        you mentioning Tito made me think of this:

    • mook

      ask Pam Anderson

      • OB

        heidi montag would do it too. if a damn puppy pees and a camera’s around, heidi will be there.

        and gabrielle union too.

        • deezy:peachmuthafuckingsofa

          Royce Reed wanna do choreography, [stripper splits for everybody]

      • deezy:peachmuthafuckingsofa

        them bruises still there. sittin next to the herpes and hepatitis

  • deezy:peachmuthafuckingsofa

    i return from the corner to witness the Cockatoo stiffly shake her bootypop?

    the only thing that has rhythum is her bangs.

  • Fresh

    How is everybody doing today though? I missed ya’ll over the weekend!

    • Ike Turner

      went to church, saw a man in a suit that looked like a watermelon.


      Light green with dark green stripes. And the gators matched.

      • Fresh

        Young Dro attends your church?

        • Ike Turner

          well I did catch him doing a shoulder lean…

      • mook
    • OB

      i’m doing my damnedest not to strangle somebody at my job.

      how u dering? 

      • Fresh

        Oh no! Whats the tea? LOL

  • Ike Turner

    Travis Barker will drum for anybody.

    He’ll drum for a barbecue joint.

    • Fresh

      rofl! He shows up for the free liquor. My man.

      • leave it be

        anything involving listening to ri-ri sing should require alcohol

        • Fresh

          Kim Zoliack too.

          • mook

            don’t be tawdy for the pawty game proper

    • Mookie

      He’s kinda of like that dude that no matter what cookout you go to, it’s always his ass on the grill with his signature monogrammed towel.

  • leave it be

    Harpo, i’on know nan one of dese people here….*turns to Full House*