Spotted: Brandy & Flo Rida Together At Charity Event In Miami

florida brandy spring Spotted: Brandy & Flo Rida Together At Charity Event In Miami

The more time Brandy spends away from the bathroom the better. B Rocka ditched the “Family Business” to be by her new boo Flo Rida’s side at his First Annual Kids Spring and Break Into Motivation Event in Miami over the weekend. The two have remained mum about their budding relationship but Aunt Viv pretty much put  things between them out on front street while making an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show to promote her new hairline.  More flicks of the happy couple under the cut!

florida brandy spring2 142x200 Spotted: Brandy & Flo Rida Together At Charity Event In Miami florida brandy spring3 142x200 Spotted: Brandy & Flo Rida Together At Charity Event In Miami florida brandy spring4 142x200 Spotted: Brandy & Flo Rida Together At Charity Event In Miami florida brandy spring5 142x200 Spotted: Brandy & Flo Rida Together At Charity Event In Miami

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  • Roosevelt

    Flo rida’s forehead looks like the mc’donald’s golden arches. I don’t know wether to buy his album or order a big mac value meal with a hot apple pie. Oh with hi -c orange drink too. 

  • Linda Sdf

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  • Shanette Eclectica

    I’m happy for her, because I find Flo Rida delectable, but her lacefront is what’s wrong here. Aunt Viv needs to put that shit out on Front St. too.

  • Natasha

    i guess its just me who thinks (the original) “B” just finished getting smoked up 4 dis charity event?

  • Noelle Teague

    Her real hair is pretty form the new growth when she had her braids in her album photos awhile, why not wear it?

  • Skeets

    Their spawn would look like a cross between predator vs alien characters and a geico

    • mook

      Waka Flocka game proper

  • Fresh
  • Dee

    If you were Flo’s hairline would YOU want to be near that face?

    • RHOA Austin

      His hairline stays in that position in case it needs to make a quick getaway while Brandy’s driving.

      • Dee


  • RHOA Austin

    How selfish of Brandy not to evenly divide the ink.  On the other hand, at least Flo was okay with his hairline looking like the boundaries of Texas so his gal could shine.

    • Sailor Moon

      How you gonna be m.i.a. then come up in the Bocks with this statement?

      Lmao, Rho I lubs yooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

      • Rev Leon

        I know, right? What’s good, RHOA?

        • RHOA Austin

          What’s up yall? I’ve been chillin’.  Had a lot of work being done on the house. Plus Farmville on FB is da debil.  How yall been?

  • peppermint

    good hell, did she color in her hairline? She looks like a Munster.

    • INR….goin to the welfayah!!!!©

      All it needs is a brim to be considered a hat.

    • Estobar412–Puddin

      sharpie game proper

  • INR….goin to the welfayah!!!!©

    Why is Vivica spillin’ the beans about folks business? She needs to stay in her own lane and make sure her man’s plate is full of lemon pepper wings and freeze cups.

    • mook

      Aunt Viv needs to get a job that doesn’t involve appearing in chitlin circuit plays

  • Estobar412–Puddin
  • Nikki

    And why the fuck is she carrying her daughter?  Isn’t she like 9 years old now? This is just as bad as White people who push their 4 and 5 year olds in strollers.  If your child’s feet are dragging the damn ground, he and/or she doesn’t need a stroller.

    • INR….goin to the welfayah!!!!©

      I still think Brandy was impregnated with a turkey baster….random I know.

    • peppermint

      if your kid is texting on his sidekick at 15 and you still pushing him around in a stroller, its time to stop.

    • Lorena

      I dont think that’s her daughter.. Cause her daughter is pretty chunky..may be a thyroid problem *side-eye*

  • Fresh

    im not interested in hearing how a duet between them would sound.

    • Rev Leon

      • INR….goin to the welfayah!!!!©


  • Nikki

    Brandy trying to earn street cred by dating Flo Rida, eh?  This is like Minnie Mouse dating Porky Pig.

    • mook

      I’m sure Disney and Warner Bros. wouldn’t let that happen

  • INR….goin to the welfayah!!!!©

    If you painted his face and rolled it on some paper, you would see Batman….I sh*t you not.

  • Fresh

    How would their kids look?

  • INR….goin to the welfayah!!!!©

    Her lips look like some innertubes. I’m just sayin…………………

  • INR….goin to the welfayah!!!!©

    Brandy is one widows peak short of being Morticia.

    Adam’s Family Game Proper

  • Estobar412–Puddin

    who’s shapin up who’s hairline over here?

    • Fresh

      You ain’t shit.

      • Estobar412–Puddin

        yeah i know!

  • Brown Suga

    Brandy’s hair piece looks like a swim cap

    • Fresh


    • mook

      or a shower cap.

  • INR….goin to the welfayah!!!!©

    Is he part vamp?