Courtside Compadres: Angela Simmons & Rob Kardashian

angela simmons rob kardashian Courtside Compadres: Angela Simmons & Rob Kardashian

Angela Simmons and “good friend” Rob Kardashian were among the familiar faces in the crowd at the Staples Center on Friday night watching the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Utah Jazz. Rumor has it that Rob’s mom Kris Jenner is trying to shop a reality show about their buddy-ism.

And I’m too old to care if she is successful in her attempts but not too old to help Bow Wow key somebody’s car in the middle of the night. Peep one more additional flick of the two under the cut.


angela simmons rob kardashian2 Courtside Compadres: Angela Simmons & Rob Kardashian

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  • Noelle Teague

    I think it’s for the show, because her hair is done

    • Just Me


  • Baby D

    I’m not buyin whatever they sellin!!

  • Leslie

    So this is how these two are trying to remain relevant now? 

  • tragic

    if another blog post on these nobodies one more time……………………………………..

  • mook

    Ten Commandments was on TV last night. shit was so campy. where else can you see Mr. NRA Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Bo Derek’s husband, Lily Munster, Vincent Price, and Edward G. Robinson in one movie?

  • mook

    absolutely not. we all know the truth about these two (*in Wendy voice*) how you durrin…

  • RethasDietConsultant

    Will it be more entertaining than this?

  • Baby D


  • MrTavMarie

    *logs on while breaking*
    I’ve got nothing.
    *logs off and returns to Easter dinner cooking*

  • So Shia

    smh Everytime I see a Rev Run tweet rt in my timeline I quote a Ke$ha song to piss them back off. I can not stand his 2 faced family.

    • Bust it!


      If I wanted to read his tweets I would follow his ass!

  • deezy:Twelfmuthafuckindollashoe


    Id rather watch Diggy shit on his older brother/weedman/professional windowlicker JoJo wit his record deal while he argues wit Russy about using his “special” soap while Justine eats all the food in the icebox while Rev Run gives wisdom from his bathtub while the baby looks at them like “What the fuck did i get adopted into?”. In other words, New season of Runs House.