Day Late, Dollar Short: Keyshia Cole’s Literacy Questioned By A Judge

keyshia cole picture Day Late, Dollar Short: Keyshia Coles Literacy Questioned By A Judge
There really is nothing quite like a tragic throwback picture to feel the empty void of foolishness on a lonely Saturday night.

But I digress.

Being placed in the same category as R. Kelly can be a good thing if you are a talented artists who enjoys water sports with minors but not so much when the topic of literacy is involved. A New Jersey judge asked the superior cub of Frankie’s pride a question that has long been burning a hole in my brain since hearing her early radio interviews.

Keyshia Cole was ripped apart by a judge in New Jersey yesterday — a judge who called the singer’s testimony “nonsensical” and then questioned her literacy.

Cole — a platinum-selling artist — was being sued by an event promoter who claims she blew off an appearance in 2006 after he paid her $15,000 up front.

The judge not only ruled against Cole, but she blasted the singer in her written opinion, saying Cole’s testimony was “confused and at times nonsensical.”

But the judge’s biggest shot: Cole appeared so reluctant to read certain documents while testifying, “that it appears at times that she was not literate.”

Eventually, the judge realized Cole was literate — when Cole managed to read documents that she thought helped her case.

Ultimately, Cole was ordered to fork over nearly $160k in damages. [source]