Tweets Is Watching: Lil’ Mo, Tolerance, and You!

lil tweet Tweets Is Watching: Lil Mo, Tolerance, and You!

El Creole Loco reporting for duty! Not that it’s news, nothing compared to my grandfather being on Maury, YOU ARE THE FATHER game proper… Yesterday morning, I was linking somebody to Ja’ Rule’s I Cry video. That was a bad omen from God.

Lil’ Mo. Superwoman, blue hair, Missy’s pussy on her sideburns, also blue. Who knew she was on Twitter? Welp, into the wee hours of last night when ain’t nothing open but Wal-Mart, Waffle House and some legs Lil’ Mo was on Twitter ranting about Natalie’s double decker chin. A few fans were drawing blanks as to if Mo had room to talk since God gave her a second helping, too. Since Lil’ Mo uses a small percentage of her time cussing out ordinary people, since she was soooo famous yesterday you know how she retaliated calling the birds “bitches” and bees “fags”.

lil tweet2 Tweets Is Watching: Lil Mo, Tolerance, and You!

I be like, D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-DAMN! A Twitter user, whose name was stricken from the record to protect her innocence, asked Mo’ a thing or two about why she was using the term “faggot” so harshly. In more or less words, Mo’ told her to shut the fuck up and “Welcome To Baltimore”. That’s when friend in the head and fellow blogger Crystal of Elegant Ignance said the following:

Wait a minute, @lilmo4ever. You the one who used the word “faggot” & you were dead ass wrong for it, so stop tryna snatch somebody’s wig.

And then Mo’ said:

@smashedthehomie ill continue to use the word too if it offends u then get off my twitter cuz I won’t even talkin 2 u dude

To quote the brilliant novelist, Denise Wheatley, that’s when the shit went left. Since this is a family blog, I’ll only paraphrase by posting Crystal’s whole cuss-laden rant:

Bitch @lilmo4ever first of all, this ain’t what you want. Cuz I can clown yo ass hard enough in the next five minutes to have you in tears. Number one, I bet your dumb ass regrets not signing that prenup back when people actually gave a damn about you. Number two, I got at least three things you don’t – a hairline, a website, and a career. So I suggest you get on my level.

When I cry, you cry, we cry together. Mo’ defended her stance on the use of the f-bomb by saying things like “This is Twitter” and get off my timeline and shit like that. Well, that didn’t please and sparkle the kids because they did this to Lil’ Mo’s Wikipedia entry:


Baby, ride or die ’til death do us part! The vigilantes responsible have been brought to justice. Wikipedia restored her page that has been flagged for editing/removal since 2008. All is well. Juvenile as all get out but this sent me straight to the grave.