Buzz Notes: Antonia “Toya” Carter Gets A Name Change

toya frankie Buzz Notes: Antonia Toya Carter Gets A Name Change

Being known as the ex-wife of Lil’ Wayne can get you plenty of perks if you live in Atlanta, including [but not limited to]: VIP entrance at the hottest meatball and cheese plate serving bawsecapades, a year supply of Minx nails, front row seats at BET’s Hip-Hop Awards, all the Louis Vuitton Derek J could ever toss and turn at night over, and the sudden loss of personal identity.

According to the good folks over at Baller Alert, adult braces advocate Antonia “Toya” Carter has dropped the pussy monster’s last name and is now Antonia Johnson. With a new lease on life, love [she is rumored to be dating BET's The Deal host Memphitz], and a gas efficient Kia things are looking brighter than ever for Tiny’s BFF.

I’m still not changing her tag on this site, though.