Don’t Be Mad UPS Is Hiring: Stacey Dash

Once upon a time in a land far far away called Adolescence I knew a girl name that insisted every opportunity she could that her name was pronounced Kour-tah-nae.

One day when I called her house and asked to speak to her about a school project her mother said [while rolling her eyes no doubt] “Who is that? There is a Courtney that lives here!” and that was that.

The bitch lied. And for what?

Which brings me to Stacey Dash. During her appearance on The Wendell Williams Show on Friday she said that she was next in line for a plate at the VH1 celebrity soup kitchen.

The bitch lied. And for what?

According to Wendy a rep from the network called her up shortly after the show aired to say “Ugh, as if!,” remarking   that while a pilot was shot that it was not picked up. I’m going to give Stacey the benefit of the doubt and say that she might have been the last to know. Either way its never too late to run through the airport with Kanye for a check again.