Separating Fact From Fiction: The FAMU Sex Tape

The FAMU sex tape had all the trappings of a standard BET Blackbuster Saturday night movie: A colorful cast of fresh face ethnic actors, a soundtrack comprised of songs by artists I’ve never heard of, great placement of hair products [Mane N' Tail, Luster's Pink Oil Lotion], and a production cost that equals the same amount of the most expensive value meal combo from Popeye’s.

But it was all a dream.

famu1 Separating Fact From Fiction: The FAMU Sex Tape

famu2 Separating Fact From Fiction: The FAMU Sex Tape

Via Vividly Bland [by way of Necole Bitchie]

So this morning mediatakeout was ALL a buzzing with these video links of a supposed sextape from Florida A&M..

Soon it was buzzing on twitter. Soiling the name of such a great institution. HBCUs all over were astonished that one of our own were making sextapes again. Did we not learn anything from #HUporngirl??

Well i did a little investigating & its indeed a hoax. Jomarie, Alize, Cali, Double D’s & Flawless— I SEE YOU. They are paid actor’s who are competing to win $10,000 from This is an actual porn. Real. Authentic. Just NOT from FAMU or in a FAMU dorm nor does it involve FAMU students.

**BTW I do not care if you KNOW these girls. I am not here to BLAST them. I have nothing against those who choose to make money by doing porn. I do however think that its only FAIR that I inform everyone that these girls are NOT students the FAMU! Flawless stays in Chicago. Next time before you go & believe something someone told you– REASEARCH it! INVESTIGATE! Get to the bottom of it. “Believe half of what you see & NONE of what you hear”***

And there you have it. This does little to soothe the Trina rashes that covered my body after I was done watching but I’m glad to hear that this well calculated hoe shit was all a big misunderstanding.

There’s always Spring Bling.

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  • winenroses

    People have been having sex since Adam & Eve, but everytime someone makes a sex tape it gets plastered over the internet like they’re doing something new. Nobody wants to see these kids pasty white asses.

  • thehoustongirl

    those vids SLEW my damn soul! i mean does it make it better that it wasn’t at FAMU [my sister graduated from there] i mean this is just some other shit….. i mean all of em in the room like that? imagine how that shit smelled when they were done?! OMG

    and someone else called it i KNEW the lil asian one was faking with all tha moaning and shit

    and one of them girls looked like teyanna taylor lmao except she got a gap in her mouth

    • vicont

      FAMU Sex Tape Real. Watch it on
      Famu Law students has a very hot Sex Tape.
      The FAMu sex tape is the best sex tape I have ever seen.

  • Fresh
  • OB

    i do have a serious question though (for realz). on there tape is there FAMU paraphernalia present? do the “actors” make references to the school at all? is there an obvious impression that they are students? because if there were and if there are FAMU could sue and i hope they do.

    • Apathetik:No Bullshit

      I was wondering the same thing

  • Micron

    Hold up. I know we are talking about hoes, but there is a rule that Beyucky will not be discussed in the Bocks.

    However, The words of Khia will be greatly appreciated, The Wisdom from the Memoirs of Geisha is encouraged and the language of Beyucky is ok.

    • leave it be

      Snatch the cat back game proper.

      • Sailor Moon

        lol everytime I hear or read that I think of “snap that poosay back!”

  • OB

    *glides in wearing black bootay shorts and fishnets carrying a bucket of chicken*


    • Sailor Moon

      Chx, get your chx here!

  • Josh Hottness

    Shoulda known that shit was fake when homegirl didn’t flush after she took a shit on the toilet.

    • Nyota

      WTF kinda porn is this?

  • deezy [WHO DAT!]

    can just put out the soundtrack to the tape? i really wanna know who made that song!

    • Sailor Moon

      Anything by Vanity 6 should be on there

  • Burnt Grits Beckham

    Time is up for Sasha Fierce, Beyonce’s purported alter ego and face of the 2008 multi-Platinum selling album “I Am… Sasha Fierce”.

    Speaking with Allure, the “Video Phone” singer says Sasha and her fierceness have served a purpose and are no longer needed.

    “The thing that’s interesting is I don’t need Sasha Fierce anymore, because I’ve grown and I’m now able to merge the two,” says Beyonce.

    • Nyota

      multiple personalities game proper

  • leave it be

    Just an FYI—-but………….
    if im fellating…and still have room in my mind and mouth for chicken…something aint right.

    • deezy [WHO DAT!]

      thoughs of a team chuckster.

    • Sailor Moon

      …..but there’s always room for jello

    • Ike Turner

      she decided she wanted two kinds of meats

    • Dee

      Chrisette Michele Game Proper

    • Micron

      Maybe the dick is as thick as a pencil?

  • Burnt Grits Beckham

    off subject..

    So i read Beyonce has killed Sasha Fierce..she now thinks she doesn’t need a alter-ego. she can be everything Sasha was? wtf?

    • peppermint

      A gimmick is a gimmick is a gimmick.

      • Apathetik:No Bullshit

        she killed her off b/c nobody cared anymore…multiple personality disorders just aren’t marketable anymore I guess

        • Sailor Moon

          Or maybe she figured out if was wacka flacka from the start


          • Apathetik:No Bullshit


            I never really saw the difference or how Sasha was so different from Beyaki.

            You get a big fail when both of your personalities are as intriguing as a can of spam.

          • YQ

            damn apa…i actually like SPAM..

          • Apathetik:No Bullshit

            lol, I like it too

  • deezy [WHO DAT!]

    that song Bitch whats ya name still stuck in my head.
    ima find out who made it by days end.

  • leave it be

    I’m just happy the box of chicken was able to keep shit classy.

    • Fresh

      That chicken looked good. Lord forgive me.

    • deezy [WHO DAT!]

      aint nuthin classy about sucking the chicken bone and the dingalang at the same time.

      *but ima still try that*

  • deezy [WHO DAT!]

    at least the Morgan State sextape was classy. they had dim lights and RnB music playin in the background while the yt gurl stuck her tounge in dude’s booty. i mean where is the romance in this vid?

    • Micron

      Like Amerie, I Just Died.

  • peppermint

    lord love the state of florida…

    • mook

      good things about Florida: Disney World, Universal Studios, watching NASA launch space shuttles, beaches

      bad things about Florida: Scientology headquarters, Shamu killing people, tacky tourist shops (way too much)

  • Burnt Grits Beckham

    *Enters box wearing HOD overalls, flip flops, and dranking a fawty OE*

    Hey all,

    *looks at video*

    Everyone in that video needs their Pell Grant revoked.

    • peppermint

      FAFSA game proper.

    • Fresh

      Dressed to impress!

    • Sailor Moon

      What you got on my fowty homie?

  • deezy [WHO DAT!]

    ok any of us who lived in a dorm know that those beds not strong enough to hold three let alone one couple. lets be real.

    • Sailor Moon

      Basically. I know I fudged up at least two one year lol.

  • leave it be

    wait….so you mean that asian looking chick who started moaning as soon as the black guy laid over her, was ACTING????…. *grabs my cell phone to capture my tears*

  • Micron

    HOES. Let’s just talk about hoes. Can we talk about hooooes. Hooooes.

    How thirsty can you be to do a porn?

    • deezy [WHO DAT!]

      enough to down a bottle of Alize.

      • Sailor Moon

        And….alize. Why not Hen lol?

  • deezy [WHO DAT!]

    this dude i follow twitter avatar. LFAMO!

    • deezy [WHO DAT!]

      i meant LMFAO

  • Sailor Moon

    Well we still have Morgan’s sextape to keep us talking ish.

    Roll that beautiful bean footage…….

    Oh and is that first person giving the finger a man? Is that a stache I see. If not then………oops.

  • deezy [WHO DAT!]

    im glad its all a fake. cuz if they let those simple bitches into any higher learning instution, ima quit school and take up a job at the Chick-n-Strip

  • YQ

    i think i need a Khia tweet about this one