Quick Quotes: Fantasia + Young Dro

TASIA DRO Quick Quotes: Fantasia + Young Dro

Infidelity on Young Dro’s part was often rumored to be the reason behind his split from Fantasia, but the former couple who now remain as friends says their equal passion for their craft [don't laugh in the face of love] caused their relationship to end. And now I cry the tears of Teeny.


“I mainly just focus on my career right now… Everybody wants love (but) right now it’s not my main focus. When I let it be my main focus, it interfered with everything else I had going on. I kinda stopped performing. I became kinda like a housewife. People were like, ‘What are you doing? You married, you have kids?’ I’m a Cancer woman – I love very hard. I feel right now I had to make (my career) my first love because I fought so hard for it – this is my boo (boyfriend) right now . . . Dro is hilarious. He will keep you laughing. He’s very fun. He reminded me of my father — that’s why I fell in love with him. He’s a good man. Shout-outs to Dro.”


“We spent a lot of time running around from state to state. The time came for us to separate. I guess she was trying to do more of her music and I was getting on my gritty with my music. There was a little more to that though — we’ll discuss that at a later time. She’s cool though. We just broke up last year. There was a lot of rumors before then, but we broke up last year, 2009. She’s cool. She reaches to me when she wants to talk. I reach out to her when I want to talk. I talked to her when she was on the set of Oprah.”