News Break: Two Crooks Target Mom At Chuck E. Cheese’s

This has Khia and Jacki-P’s name written all over it. That is all.

Two female crooks prey on a Mid-South mom, targeting her at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Her family was there celebrating her 6-year-old son’s birthday when police say two women posing as customers helped themselves to her wallet.

It happened Friday at the Horn Lake location, right off Goodman Road and I-55.

“They didn’t just select a random purse to steal from, they watched a person with four small children, the week before Christmas,” said the victim, Tabitha Stacks.

She says she walked away for just a moment to watch her son play a game. Hours later, she discovered, her wallet was missing.

“You’re just devastated,” she said. “My whole financial life was in that wallet, all my credit cards, my debit card, my checking account information.”

Horn Lake Police are waiting to receive a copy of the surveillance tape from Chuck E. Cheese’s.

“There were two black females standing by the table, one ducked under the table and stole her wallet,” said Lt. Scott Evans of the Horn Lake Police Department.

Investigators say within minutes, the duo began racking up hundreds of dollars worth of charges in both Southaven and Memphis.

“It’s Christmas, the thieves are out preying on people,” said Lt. Evans.

“These leeches are living off society, they’re living off of other people’s hard work,” said Stacks.

There are no presents beneath her Christmas tree.

“I really had a lot of things to do this week, I’m kind of a last minute person,” she said.

This was supposed to be the week she picked up all of her kids Christmas gifts. However, now her credit cards are frozen, her cash gone. This mom says it’s going to be tough to make ends meet.

“They really stole from the wrong person,” she said.

Right now the description police have of the suspects is very vague. One woman was heavy-set, had short hair and was wearing a white jacket. The other had a medium build. She was wearing a white sweatshirt, her braids were pulled back in a ponytail.