Buzz Notes: T.I. Wants Tiny Out of Harms Way And Safe At Home

tiny ti Buzz Notes: T.I. Wants Tiny Out of Harms Way And Safe At Home

I’m going to keep myself off of PETA’s radar by refraining from making another animal reference for the third time in the row but you can probably guess what I really wanted the title of this entry to be.

Tiny and her sexy Bart Simpson lips gave an update to All Hip Hop about her beloved Kermie and the tragic violence that has recently hit her inner circle of friends.

Earlier this month, her former Xscape group member and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burrus’ former fiancée Ashley “AJ” Jewell was fatally injured after a fight at an Atlanta strip club. Coupled with the brutal shooting death of former boxing champion Vernon Forrest in July, Tiny revealed that T.I. urges her to remain close to home to prevent becoming a target. I suggest she cram some pool table balls into a tube sock and keep it tucked away in her purse.

“I talk to him about a little of everything, just things going on. He hears things and we talk about it,” Tiny explained to “He wants me to stay out the way, me being out of harm’s way. I know it’s a lot of crazy things going on so I try to stay in as much as possible because I don’t have him here. So I come out only when it’s necessary. I stay out the way. But he even said it was a terrible situation that AJ had to lose his life like that. Him not knowing the situation and what’s going on he really can’t speak on it.”

All Tiny has to do is hit Uncle Booley and Uncle Beebo on the jack if she feels like her safety is in jeopardy. You know they got her back.