Brazen Beauties: Nona Jackson

nona1.thumbnail Brazen Beauties: Nona Jackson

The baddest bitch is back, she’s reloaded, and she’s killing you hoes all while looking thicker than some 3 day old cold grits. She’s also getting to the money. Well, at least trying to.

Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun Jackson, who has previously claimed to not only to be married married to but also given birth to upwards of 15 children fathered by Michael Jackson, filed a motion to be put in control of the King of Pop’s estate.

In a 93-page document filed Wednesday afternoon, Nona requested “that all my husband’s properties, monies and assets must be transferred to me immediately.” She also made the bizarre demand that “my husband’s body must be returned to the coroner’s body or the mortuary immediately.”

Well cot damn, there must be two sides! I doubt if MJ ever meet this real life wanna-be Billie Jean yet alone had the pleasure of piping her down but a check is a check. How else is she going to afford  that much needed appointment with Celebrity Seaborn?

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