Style File: Pre-EBT Awards Tragedies

style file Style File: Pre EBT Awards Tragedies


Hello, world! It’s Kid Fury here, with a heavy heart. The 2009 EBT Awards premiere later tonight, and of course LA is full of enough tragic Negroes to make The Ghost of  Soujourner Truth do a drive-by on somebody. The unknowns have been showing up to these pre-parties looking all kinds of backwards. Who approved the guest list?

Exhibit A: Dawn Richard has succumb to the toxic fumes of Sean Comb’s pubic patch and walked the red carpet with her hair sitting sideways and wings (yes, wings) on her ears! Girl, those things shall not fly you out of Bad Boy’s clutches. You chose the life. Go ahead and write your Danity Kane tell-all that nobody will buy and disappear.

Exhibit B: Jade Cole (of ANTM failure-ville) seems to have finally realized that “smiling with your eyes” will not put a smoked ham on your kitchen table. If she has to hit the scene in fish nets and expose her titty-sides to get these dollars, then that’s her damn business. Tyra ain’t handing out post-reality show life guides.

I’m sorry that I had to share this with you all on a Sunday, but if this is the type of shit BET has planned for an award show dedicated to Michael Jackson, then I won’t be watching. If I see Tiny & Toya during the opening act, I might just throw my TV out the window.