A Celebration of Yaki

candy girls A Celebration of Yaki

Something in my spirit is telling me that someone out there is mugging the screen saying “the fuck are these people.” It’s alright love, just click here.

That T. Error Mari is really staying in the relevancy loop nowadays. She sold a little ass to Black Men’s and now she is hanging out with the girls who do it for a living, nice! Her record may not move any units but at least she will never go without the fine things in life such as Louis Vuitton and high quality yaki. You know, the type of hair that sells by the ounce not that Beverly Johnson shit.

I almost forgot to mention that if you tilt your head and squint your eyes just a little that Terricka looks like a strong-faced version of Keyshia Cole. This may just be one of Frankie’s kids she said she would “catch up later with.”

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