She Rockin’ That Thang

wenn5216693.thumbnail She Rockin That Thang

The last time I dedicated a post to Al Reynolds and his sweetened tea it wasn’t anything really worth talking about. Bad brown beard on deck? Check. Outstanding tang game? Double check.

But this time is totally different. To quote Busta Rhymes on the “Ante Up” remix this shit here feels like an whole entire world collapse, muthafuckas.  Get you a piece and two side orders, whore!

ybf al2.thumbnail She Rockin That Thang

I’m sending my dentist bill to the lovely people over at The YBF because this sweet shit right here got my gums bleeding heavy! Al was  recently spotted posted in VIP at a nightclub looking like one of Dixie Wetworth’s cabana boys.

This can’t be life.

Just look at the perch in his lips, ya’ll. Although I will never forgive the person who snapped this photo, this type of tang belongs in the Best of 2009 issue of Time magazine! I’m just so jealous right now. His pussy is sitting high and proud like a shiny pair of 24 inch Asanti rims.