The Great Gatsby? Not Today.

84599890 The Great Gatsby? Not Today. 84599886 The Great Gatsby? Not Today. 84599876 The Great Gatsby? Not Today. 84599904 The Great Gatsby? Not Today. 845998792 The Great Gatsby? Not Today.

Well, why don’t you just take a look at this impressive guest list. The event was billed as a joint party between Diddy and Kobe Bryant but it doesn’t look like Vanessa’s personal shopper even bothered to show up. Since the event truthfully doesn’t seem like much to talk about let’s move on but stay in Mouf Breever territory.

Necole Bitchie got her cute lil’ paws on a review of former Bad Boy Recording artist Mark Curry’s book, Dancing With The Devil: How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip Hop.  The tell-all gives readers an inside look at Puffy’s poisonous ways. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

[PAGE 79] Despite amazing record sales Mark Curry claims that Biggie resorted to selling dope and homemade duplicates of his cd from the trunk of his car just to earn spending money. [That's the same exact reason why Kizzy Rowland finally left the wig crypt, by the way. - - Fresh]

[Page 94] Jimmy Henchmen told Tupac “why you blaming Puffy and Biggie. Them n*ggas aint got nuthin to do with this shooting. Nobody came to rob you. They came to discipline you and that’s what happened.”

[Page 139] He writes that Puffy lured G Dep with a $350,000 signing advance and a 5 album deal. Puffy did not offer him any counseling on how to handle money. After he spent about 1/6th of the money he discovered taxes, production contracts and stipulations held up the rest of his money. In less than 6 months G Dep was broke, in debt to Puffy and lost himself to drugs. [Continue Reading]