Quick Quotes x From The C+D Vault

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“I love Payless, the ghetto mall, and the flea market. Payless got the same thing as Louis Vuitton, except Louis Vuitton is a bigger name.”

- – Frankie talks fashion in the style issue of Vibe magazine

This shit is going to sell out faster than Obama victory newspapers! The cover featuring Frankie that is. You already know I’m buying five copies.

I’m not going to attempt to hide my disappointment that Neffie and Soullow weren’t invited to the photo shoot. Do you know how monumental that could have been? The tag line for the spread could have been Family Affair Fuckery. The world needs to be exposed to the beauty that is Neffie’s nape area! I know I’m not the only one who wants to reach out and touch the back of her kitchen with a hot comb and/or relaxer.

Take a stroll down memory lane with Frankie after the jump.