In Case You Missed It: Daddy’s Girls

simmons1 In Case You Missed It: Daddys Girls

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Survey says, I can’t!

I would write a quick re-cap of last night’s premiere episode of Daddy’s Girls but I fell asleep after about five minutes of the show. The Simmons Sisters along with their friend Alysia and cousin Jessica just couldn’t keep my attention. I haven’t seen 20 minutes of scripted dialogue that bad since the episode of Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood when Keyshia Cole gives Choc [quiet on set!] voice lessons on the set of her music video. I was waiting for the camera crew to slip up and show Jo Jo holding cue cards with the girls’ lines written on them in crayon.

Now if you are looking for a Monday night show that has minimal fuckery but is still pretty entertaining I suggest Momma’s Boys! The show’s resident racist is my favorite cast member!

By the way, am I the only one who noticed that Angela and Vanessa’s apartment looks just like the one that Lauren and Audrina shared on The Hills? Kudos to MTV for going green!