Frankie Is Too Hot For TV

God bless Necole Bitchie for finding this video. I’m happier than 200 pound plus Oprah at Hometown Buffet. Let the clip ride until the 2:25 mark.

[*ODB voice*] Shame on a nicca  who hasn’t been keeping up with KeyLoLo every week! Last night’s episode of ‘Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is’ was a complete man down – code 10 situation for Jesus! Cameras followed the Cole Familia as they traveled back to their native Oakland to catch up with a couple of characters from their past.

Neffie’s baby daddy [along with like three of his cousins, real talk] came to see his son Jaylin WeLove for the first time and all hell broke loose meanwhile Frankie and the rest of the family paid a trip to see her mother.

Who, by the way, had a lip ring and some damaged bleach blonde hair. The shit was so bad that I wanted her to put on one of Frankie’s beauty supply store clearance bin wigs.

Are you getting all of this? Hopefully so. And that’s not even the entire episode. EBT has finally struck ratings gold baby! I’ve always said that I would  never support such ignorance but what kind of fuckery enthusiast would I be if I didn’t? Kuds to Debra Lee for bringing this screwed up click in my living room every week. I now realize that my kinfolk aren’t half as fucked up as I thought they were.