Jill Scott: Pregnanted + Inked Up?

jill.thumbnail Jill Scott: Pregnanted + Inked Up? john1.thumbnail Jill Scott: Pregnanted + Inked Up?

Word on the curb is that Jilly from Philly is knocked up by her current boo John “Lil’ John” Roberts [not to be confused with the crunk juice guzzling Lil' Jon] and engaged to the drummer from Atlanta. The two are so much in love that they have each other’s names tatted on the back of their necks.

Tragic negroid move! It’s all good while you are in love and bliss but you’re a little more than likely to live to regret that shit. Remember when Brandy was heads over heels in love with Quentin Richardson and decided to get his face [face momofukas, face] tattooed on her back? Definitely not one of the brighter moments. Follow the link to that disaster.