K-Ci Would Never Do This

A tipster tells Necole Bitchie that Mary J. Blige’s husband/manager he pulled a creep at a Las Vegas strip club recently. Call me old fashion but the Chikin Skrip is no place for a married man unless he is accompanied by his wife. Go on and shake your head in disapproval but this seems to be working fine for T-Pain and his old lady.

Here’s the dirt:

mary1 K Ci Would Never Do This I would hate to be in Mary’s shoes right now but I have to tell someone what I witnesses yesterday. Yes, I am a female dancer at Sin City Cabaret in the Bronx. However, I am not the entertainer that he was with when he entered the club last night. Kendu was sitting in V.I.P and tossing a few dollars at a duo onstage performing a sensual lesbian act. He got so close to see what was happening onstage and that is when I spotted his face. He was wearing a plaid Kangol paper boy hat and a black cashmere sweater with jeans. At first I figured he was just there hanging out with some guys (Foxy Brown’s manager), but then I saw him cuddled up with a casually dressed stripper that works at the club. The were all coochie coo and layed out on the V.I.P. couch. My friend, who is saved, said that is why I do not date men that go to church faithfully. Necole if you would have seen the foul sh!t he was up to you would have been mad for Mary. I mad just thinking about it because I don’t want to hear another sad album full of crying and screaming of deceit. Lastly this is not the only saved husband that frequents the strip club….Salt ,from Sat-n-Pepa, other half has been rubbed down too. JUST AIN’T RIGHT!!!

Poor Willona! This is the second man to come in her life playing a role when all of the sudden the poo hits the fan. The first being that guy who Penny’s mama paid to pretend like he was in love with old ‘Lona and then he threw some random crack party so she would get in trouble with the law. Same shit, different toilet!