Wu- Tang Is For The Kids [Seriously, It Is]

There is a new dance craze sweeping through living rooms and parks called the Wu-Tang. Here’s what the all mighty Wikipedia had to say about it:

Wu-tang is a dance out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, popularized in the area of North Philadelphia before spreading throughout the city and the surrounding region. Lindsay Patterson of Vorhees, NJ is known for creating this dance. The dance is normally performed to Baltimore club music. The dance involves a jerking of the arms in an up-and-down/side-to-side motion. The movement of the arms sometimes resembles flexing. Each individual person adds their own spin to the dance, be it fancy footwork or the mimicking of gunshots. [I can't and I will not. - - Fresh]

A similar Philly dance is the “D-Mack” or “D-Mac,” in which a dancer moves his arms or legs on one side of his body (often in a similar motion as the Wu-tang), and then imitates the same moves on the other side of his body. The Wu-tang dance has become very popular around the Philadelphia-New Jersey-Delaware-Baltimore region, and it has been compared with the “Chicken Noodle Soup Dance” of Harlem, the Bay Area’s hyphy dances, Atlanta’s crunk dances, Baltimore’s “Rockin’ Off” dance, Miami’s “stickin’ n rollin’”, and Compton’s “Krumping” or “crip-walking.”

Let’s all synchronize our watches to see how long it takes until a teenager turned YouTube sensation releases a song to accompany the dance.


[Thanks Lamar "Eli's Speech Teacher" B.]