Say It Ain’t So Nippy

Bobby Brown’s eldest son Landon Brown is speaking out about his relationship with his former step-mother. Whitney Houston. The 22 year old aspiring singer tells the National Enquirer that Nippy kept him away from half sister Bobbi Kristina, refused to allow him to sleep in her home, and force him to walk as security guard for her.

lb1 Say It Aint So Nippy
“Whitney and I never realy got along. She didn’t necessarily hate me, but she wouldn’t really speak to me either. In Whitney’s eyes, I was the stepchild-that’s how I was treated. I’d get harassed about cocaine rumors almost everyday at school.”

Landon describes growing up with Whitney as a “nightmare.” Tensions grew particularly worse once Landon moved in with Bobby and Whitney at the Mendham, New Jersey “I Will Always (Love You)” singer. Whitney prohibited young Landon from sleeping in the main house:

“Even if I feel asleep on the couch, Whitney would make my dad tell me to go sleep out in the studio house. There were two houses on the property. My dad would wake me up by tapping me on the shoulder and then he’d motion for me to go outside-she just didn’t want me staying in the main house.”

Landon says Whitney kept him away from his half sister, Bobbi Kristina, who is Whitney’s daughter with Bobby:

“It took a long time for me to get close to Krissy because no one would let me near her. Whitney’s assistants would say, ‘She needs space.’”

The aspiring singer says he was put to work as part of Whitney’s staff as soon as he was old enough to moonlight as a bodyguard:

“She decided to turn me into one of her security personnel. I was a teenager but I was walking around dressed up in all black with a Security shirt and she’d have me work for her. I was just another one of her staff.” [source]