Fighting Words

image19 Fighting Words

I’m just saying, “Lookin’ Ass” is playing on repeat in Beyonce’s head. She had to put zero in on Diddy since her usual victim, Cousin Angie B!, didn’t accompany her on the trip.

But I digress.

Bust It Creole’s purse watcher and the mouth breever allegedly had a “war of words” at a party in Cannes over the weekend.

No animals were harmed in the melee.

“They had a huge long row backstage. Diddy wanted to get on stage to DJ and entertain the clubbers – but Jay-Z didn’t want Diddy to steal all the spotlight.

“Jay-Z was shouting at Diddy, saying, ‘No way man, no way.’ and Diddy was shouting back – it was a nightmare for the organizers. In the end, they agreed to both go on stage together and sing New York, New York.” [source]

I doubt that the argument was as big as people are trying to make it out to be. They were probably just joking around. I curse my folks out all the time to show them how much I care. Thats what friends are for.