The Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Known

But first . . .

This video of Papoose sparring with Remy Ma has a special place in my heart. Girl, you so thorough! To quote Lil’ Jon, “I like dem guhls who will help yo boy fight / dem be dem guhls that will fuck with a dyke.”

While we’re in the mood for love here at C+D [I said that shit like a young Donnie Simpson in his prime], Papoose penned a song for the special women in his  life [including boo Remy Ma], titled “My Girl.”

At the count of three everybody who believes in love and all that it can do for you say “awww.” One, two, absolutely not.

I can’t wait until these kids officially exchange vows once Pap’s ban from the clink is lifted. Little Latarian would make for a wonderful ring bearer, don’t you agree?