kim PWNED!

I hurt for Kimberly Jones. I really do.

New York’s CW11 News was on hand as Ms. I-Want-Christina-Milian-To-Play-Me-On-The-Big-Screen [just tragic] received a visit from the repo man. The Queen Bee’s Bentley was placed on the repo list when she fell behind on car payments. [watch the video] Ha! This makes me appreciate the fact that the Kia is paid off even more.

When asked to make a comment about the rising tide of automobile repossessions Kim responded, “Get the fuck outta here, you are so fucking ridiculous!”

If there was ever a time to start peddling ass it would be now, Kimberly.

This is some shit straight off of Parking Wars. If you ever want a good laugh at other people’s expense I suggest you tune in. The Philadelphia Parking Authority doesn’t play!

I can’t wait to read what Khia has to say about this. Her year round bus pass is paid in full baby! She’s such a responsible queen. Thanks Burnt Grits for the story!