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For all of the grown ass people who read C+D and have no clue who this kid is [don't feel bad, he's not the least bit relevant], its the “Sexy Lady” child-duck hybrid with the speech impediment from last summer. He hasn’t gone back to the jungle gym that he crawled under from yet thanks in part to his feature on Brandy’s little brother song, “Sexy Can I.”


“First and foremost, 50 told me some smart shit. 50 told me move him [Bow Wow] out the game, period. He told me to crush him. He told me demolish him. He told me do the ‘Do That There’ remix with him on it and then come up with my diss record and totally move him out of music. “But, I don’t wanna do that,” Berg continued. “I can see me and Bow fucking a lot of bitches together. My whole thing is either you’re going to be an alliance on this [Snoop Dogg] tour this summer, or it’s, ‘Fuck you!’ Period. I don’t need you as a friend. I came in the game by myself.”

- – Young Berg disses Omarion’s boo on xxlmag.com

First Jay-Z and now Curtis. Did Uncle Russell start up a Big Brothers of America Hip-Hop Chapter and fail to send out a press release? Maybe I should check the bulk folder in my inbox.

Nut bucket ass hoes [1] kill me with this whole “I came in alone, I stand alone” shit but will be the first person to have at least four people featured on the remix to the lead single off their album. Unless your name is Reh Dogg I don’t believe you, you need more people.

[1] I got one in today!