I’m Just Saying . . .

lj Im Just Saying . . .

With a release of a new freestyle, Jay-Z bypasses rappers who have recently taken jabs at him to call out NBA player DeShawn Stevenson. [Listen]

The track seems to be the latest chapter in the ongoing rivalry between NBA star LeBron James and Washington Wizard guard DeShawn Stevenson. The basketball beef started when Stevenson called LeBron “overrated” and James said in repsonse, “With DeShawn Stevenson, it’s kind of funny. It’s almost like Jay-Z [responding to a negative comment] made by Soulja Boy. It doesn’t make sense.”

Stevenson then invited Soulja Boy to game 3 of the teams’ current playoff series to heckle James.

Now, Jigga has thrown his hat in the ring, releasing “Blow The Whistle.” On the short track, Jay dismisses the legitimacy of Stevenson’s antics rhyming, “Ask my n*gga LeBron / we so big we ain’t gotta respond / When you talking to a don / Please have respect like you talking to your mom.” [source]

Is married life that boring already? There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly rivalry action but this is semi-lame, Shawn. Please return to active duty as Bust It Creole’s chowder cooler / purse watcher and save the studio time for an album.