Lies! Cruel Viscious Lies!

Lies! Cruel Viscious Lies!

Alejandra Jackson is claiming that Jermaine Jackson is one cheap bastard. In court documents filed late last month, she says that she’s not receiving one dime from Jermajesty’s daddy in spousal or child support. As a result she’s been bumming money for gas and drives with an expired registration. Funny, her story sounds like 75 percent of the people on my block.

Before I continue let me remind you that prior to marrying Jermaine, Alejandra was married to his brother Randy. Just trifling!

jj1 1 Lies! Cruel Viscious Lies!

Alejandra alleges Jermaine’s claim that he’s broke is a “smokescreen.” In legal
papers, she says sarcastically, “he (claims) he has no income and all of his expenses are paid for by his girlfriend, who coincidentally, suddenly has a Swiss bank account and a Rolls Royce in her name after having worked at Bloomingdales and Macy’s.”

Alejandra claims Jermaine raked in the dough from the UK version of “Big Brother,” as well as from royalties, business deals and what not.

And then there’s this — “I seek full custody of our children, with reasonable visitation to Jermaine because I have concerns regarding Jermaine’s sleeping accommodations for our children while they are in his care.” She goes on — “I believe it is unhealthy for our children to sleep in the same bedroom with Jermaine and his girlfriend….” (source)

Jermaine broke? This broad is tripping. Dude has been the prominent face for Gordon Gatrell fashions, so I know his bank account is overflowing.