Tiny And T.I. Call It Quits . . . Again

Tiny And T.I. Call It Quits . . . Again

tip1 Tiny And T.I. Call It Quits . . . Again

He’s expecting a baby girl this July with longtime girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. It will be T.I.’s and Tiny second child together. The two were even engaged, but have recently decided to amicably end their long relationship and remain friends.

“She’s still a part of my life,” he explained the turn their relationship has taken. “I love her to death. Her children is still my children, my children are still her children,” he said (both have kids from previous relationships). “We want each other to be happy. It’s nothing she did and it’s nothing I did.” (source)

I bet you four boxes of Kools that he will retract his statements within a week. He did that mess last year around this time.

His publicist should really advise him to stop running his mouth every time they have an argument over who gets to sit in the booster seat at Golden Corral.

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